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Native Hands

Located in the heart of Cibola County, Native Hands has offered the highest quality Indian Style Art since 1991. Owners, Rod and Karen Wade have provided artisans from various tribes of the area an outlet to market their exceptional work to you, the discerning public. These beautiful, original, pieces start right here at Native Hands in the creative mind of owner, Rod Wade. The most authentic materials available are collected here and the process begins. Details are completed by the skilled craftsmen according to their specialties. Many paint and trim the artifacts in their own homes, maintaining their traditional way of life. Each piece is individually crafted and accompanied by a guarantee of authenticity, showing the roll # and tribal affiliation of the craftsperson. The finished pieces are delivered our main facility for distribution, which is located right off Historic Route 66 just east of Grants, NM. Previously available in many gift shops throughout the Southwest, now you can order these handcrafted artifacts directly from our web site. If you missed that souvenir or if you have never been to the American Southwest, bring home a part of the legendary Old West that you will treasure. More than mere decoration these hand crafted items are reminder of the connection that we all have with the earth.

Beginning in January 2009, Paleface Manufacturing was changed to Native Hands Inc. to better reflect the spirit of our business, which is to bring you the most authentic Southwestern artifacts possible. All of our pieces are hand crafted by Native artisans in this area.



Quality Artifacts

All of our individually hand crafted items are rich in detail. Each piece is signed by the artist, with tribal affiliation and census # included in the certificate of authenticity. Don't be fooled by cheap imitations. These are truly authentic Native American crafted pieces of traditional art featuring natural materials. Due to the hand crafted nature of the products, some variation from the picture shown may occur.



Traditional Motifs

The Hand Painted Dance Rattles below are enlarged to show the intricate details which are rendered by our talented Native Artists. These are just a sampling of the motifs available. Our Artists rely on traditional designs, with deep spiritual symbolism, which incorporate their heritage.



Natural Materials

Stones, wood, elk and deer antlers, leather, feathers and bones are used whenever possible to ensure authenticity.

  Bear Dance RattleEnd of Trail Dance Rattlekokopelli Dance Rattle      

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